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Ingson - Childrens social care advisors and consultants
Suzi and John have provided support to many Local Authority Children’s Services over the past 10 years. These include: Blackpool, Walsall, West Sussex, Cardiff, Nottinghamshire and Southampton.

Working either directly or as associates of larger companies we have provided a depth of sophisticated knowledge and operational ‘know how’ that informs and enriches improvement projects.

The support that we provide involves reviewing practice processes and management capacity; working with staff and managers to enable them to appreciate and ‘own’ important changes in practice and workflow process; developing bespoke solutions which realign service delivery with best practice; and ensuring that change is lasting and embedded.

Our approaches vary and can include one to one in situ discussion, coaching, mentoring and general staff development events to ensure that changes become long term and fixed.

Dealing with resistant and occasionally weary and cynical staff can be a reality and one which we do not shy away from. Our firm belief is that winning ‘hearts and minds’ is crucial to success. This means that we approach such issues head on and seek to reconnect and re-engage professionals with the principles of best practice and the centrality of these in relation to improving services for children.
Ingson - Childrens social care advisors and consultants