We work with your managers and staff to transfer skills and knowledge to empower and excite, ensuring improved outcomes for children.

Our Management Development services include

  • Tailored coaching programme
  • Bespoke mentoring
  • Learning shops

INGSON has been at the forefront of introducing management development centres into social care settings, both in the children’s and adult services field. Management capacity is assessed on both an individual and organisational level.

We work with managers at various levels providing coaching, mentoring, action learning set situations and learning shops. All these approaches are aimed at providing managers with the opportunities to learn, reflect on and develop their role as a manager.

Management Development for Local Authorities

With INGSON you should expect radical and innovative feedback. We will challenge culture and practice if it is not delivering excellent services.

Would your leadership team benefit from bespoke coaching or mentoring? Working with your management team through coaching, we can help individuals to identify their own management style and approach. Equipped with this understanding, managers can then be encouraged and motivated to make adjustments in order to help them perform better as leaders to bring improvements to targeted areas of practice.

We also offer workshops tailored to your specific requirements. As an example, for one Local Authority we focused on best practice standards with particular attention being given to the safeguarding and child in care areas of activity. Alongside this we delivered a mentoring programme for first line managers to ensure that change is embedded and sustained.

Uniquely INGSON provides management development events which will help your team to build and strengthen lasting management techniques. These events use a variety of exercises, typically including a problem-solving exercise, a presentation and a role play tackling a performance issue to assess management competence and develop skills.

Would your management team benefit from?

  • An impartial evaluation of management capacity and practice
  • Individual mentoring to strengthen and improve management practice
  • Helpful and constructive challenge to aid the improvement process
  • A programme of management development events

Having worked with many Local Authorities to help to develop their management teams, we know what works. We will work alongside your managers to empower and motivate them, and to bring positive changes that will ultimately improve outcomes for children.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help to develop and strengthen your team through our Management Development services. We are happy to offer a free initial consultation.