A Team Evaluation and Development Programme allows us to gather facts quickly to establish the improvements required for social work and management practice. Implementation of changes can then begin immediately.
Originating from the NHS, as developed by Salford Royal, and now a globally renowned system, we have adapted this approach for use in social care systems.

A Brief Overview of how our Rapid Review Works

The qualitative part of the programme focuses on the basics of practice within teams, involving separate discussions with the team and the team manager to determine the current morale and sense of team cohesion and health.

The improvement programme is then underpinned by up-to-date quantitative performance data on a focused range of indicators.A summary of the quality issues in each team – and each worker – is produced for managers at each stage of the programme, along with a clear and specific guide as to how practice could be rapidly improved.

Senior consultants with many years of experience in Children’s Services, we work with social work values and ethics to ensure success for you, your team and the children and families you work with.

Improving the lives of real children and their families through our innovative
method of bringing improvements to social care practice.

Improving the Quality of Social Work and Management Practice

Achieving improvement within the complex organisational system of children’s social care is not a linear or simple process. This particularly applies when the reasons for poor or deficient performance are deep rooted or, usually inadvertently, actually built into the system.

Our Team Evaluation and Development Programme concentrates on enhancing the basic building blocks of good practice and on creating a strong focus on steady and sustainable progress. This is achieved through evaluation and improvement of the quality of social work and management practice through a team development approach. The programme is intended to be run four times within a six-month period to rapidly build improvement in the chosen areas.

Based on quality criteria used by Ofsted, we have further customised and developed the definitions of ‘what good looks like’ for this programme. We have also designed a range of simple and focused tools to capture the correct information.

Would you and your team benefit from?

  • Complete clarity about expected standards, including continuous testing to discover whether those standards are being met.
  • The use of a systemic approach that both recognises good practice and rapidly challenges poor practice.
  • Use of transparency; being clear about how teams are performing against the agreed standards so that the whole Department can see progress (or the lack of it).
  • The provision of continuous on-the-ground targeted support for those who are struggling to meet the standards.
  • Recognition of those individuals and teams who are achieving agreed standards consistently; and using the learning from success to assist teams and individuals who are struggling to meet the agreed standards.
  • Doing with and not unto.

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