Gladys Rhodes White OBE

Director of Children

As an experienced Director of Children (DCS), I have worked in a number of Authorities ranging from those rated ‘Inadequate Ofsted’ to ‘Outstanding’. This has involved working with many consultants and improvement partners. It is refreshing to come across people like Suzi and John (INGSON) who deliver consultancy services that are of the highest quality. They work well as a team and offer advice, support, and practical solutions to a range of social care challenges.

I worked with INGSON on a project in an Authority that was subject to a statutory notice to improve. They helped to design an innovative, bespoke programme of improvement involving front-line social workers and managers. It was a huge task that required clear planning, well-orchestrated interventions and effective communication with front-line staff, senior managers and external scrutineers. The programme was intensive and required INGSON to audit, quality assure, assess, and coach social workers to deliver good quality case work and supervision on a monthly scrutinised programme of intense improvement. They developed constructive working relationships to help staff to understand what ‘good’ looks like and how to achieve it, either as a front-line practitioner or a manager. In addition to individual and team coaching they provided examples of best practice, training videos and expertise on what constitutes good and outstanding work with children and families.

INGSON’s approach is methodical and reliable, but they are also flexible and responsive to changing requirements and demands. I found them an absolute pleasure to work with. They demonstrated a real empathy for workers and children and families – wanting the best outcomes for the staff and the children. Their passion for good social work is at the heart of what they do. I can highly recommend them.